Take my hand, I'll show you around...

I started work on this site one week ago.  It’s not much but it’s a good start.

What I am working to build here is a platform for my work in fantasy fiction literature.  Over the past few years I have had concepts in mind for a whole host of characters that reside in a very unique and extremely broken world.  I’ve written countless short stories and bits about these characters and the places they live and beginning in September 2011 I began working to make something of it.

A few short days before my 31st birthday, I completed my first manuscript:  Master of the House.  It was not the first of these stories I intended to tell but as the words hit the screen, it came together in a very real and very concise way.  Master of the House is my story before the story.  It’s a book that sets the stage for my later plans and does so in a fairly interesting way.  Right now the queries are out for review with several publishers and publishing agents.  Even if the book isn’t taken up right now, it’s been a great experience to understand the field and the process for submitting a work.  My planned follow up works are perhaps a bit more accessible in terms of the usual fantasy fiction and having this in my pocket as well can’t hurt.

What you will find here is a (hopefully) daily blog post about my writing process or my current adventures in publishing.  I’m going to tell it all, the good, the bad, and the embarrassing.

You will find sample chapters of whatever book I am working on at the time.  Comments and criticism are welcome.

The Character section will have information on the various characters I place into my various works.  As they are all planned within one large realm of storytelling, that section will expand over time and will provide insight both about the characters and the way that they were envisioned.

The King’s Realm section of the site will detail the various places and settings within this world.  It will also be full of background information on the world in which these stories take place.

I expect that at some point soon I will add sections of the site that detail some of the core concepts and other factors of the world I am working on here.  There will also be a short story section that builds on things in the principal works and revisits characters all through out the King’s Realm.

Thanks are due to my wife for her courage and understanding as I work on all this.  I’d also like to thank my friends and family who have encouraged me along the way.  If you’ve made it this far into the post and would like to help me make this dream come to life, please refer this site to your friends who enjoy fantasy fiction.  Any little bit of exposure helps at this point.

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