Digital Publishing?

One question that has begun to turn over in my mind s that of whether or not to publish in a digital format prior to traditional publishing.

This is something that I can do right now.  My first book is completed and ready to go.  I suppose I need to pull some cover art together if I decide to go this route, but I could have it ready in a matter or two or three weeks.

For those that don’t know, there’s been a stigma associated with any form of self-publishing in the past.  It can prevent an agent or publisher from picking you up later.

Or so I’ve heard.

But there’s a growing number of other voices saying that time has passed.  Publishers have evolved and accepted the digital market and that it’s not a problem any more.  I am going to simply need to make a call on this one day.  Right now, I’m leaning towards putting the book up on Amazon.

I have no doubt at all about the narrative or the prose of the book.  It’s good.  The issue is possibly the length.  At 250k works, it’s twice as long as what I understand publishers will take on for a first time author.  I’d roll my eyes at this, but I have no idea about the validity of such claims.  When I sat down to write the book, I just wrote.  I took the space necessary to tell the story.  There’s not a lot of fluff or cut-able content before you can begin punching holes in the plot.

Digital publishing offers me the opportunity to put the book out there without the over-head costs.  I’ve even considered putting it in the market in two parts.  There’s a very good point at which the book could be split.  It’s a lot to consider honestly.

With so much being made of creating a platform for your work and building a reader base, I can’t help but see the digital publishing format as an option I may look a little more carefully at.

That leaves the question for anyone reading this, what is the break point in terms of cost that you will or will not spend on a digital book?

How many of you even have eReaders or tablet PCs?

2 thoughts on “Digital Publishing?

  1. I have a nook, and I’m willing to spend between $10-$15 on a digital book. I usually get the free sample first, and then decide if I want to actually buy it. So, make sure the sample section makes your readers want to know more. :)

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