One picture, a thousand words, and a few dollars (more?)

In preparing Master of the House for digital publishing, I am beginning to look at what a reasonable price for an e-book would be.  I figure that my potential audience for this sort of thing would be the best place to pose the question.

So, there are a few options for this and a few things to consider.

This particular book is done in two distinct parts.  As a consumer, would you rather…

  1. Pay a small amount, $3 to $5 for Part 1 and then later $5 to $7 for Part 2.
  2. Pay a set amount, like $5 to $6 per portion of the complete work.
  3. Pay upfront for the entire thing at $8-12.

Each option has its merits.

Option #1 allows you to explore the world and perhaps decide that this story is not for you at a low over all cost.  The higher price of Part 2 would compensate for that.

Option #2 allows the buyer to avoid feeling like they were put into a “gotcha” kind of situation.  You’re paying for what you get outright but you may pay a little bit more overall if you decide to stop after Part 1.

Option #3 is more the “support the artist”, “I liked the concept so I’m all in” kind of purchase.  You may end up saving a dollar or two in this instance.

Please leave comments and opinions below.  Thanks!

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