Master of the House

Master of the House

“Two friends with no future and two refugees with no past take over the operations of a recently murdered gangster; as their life of crime begins to catch up with them, they find that the growing gang war around them is merely the first hint at a much older and far more sinister war for the souls of all humankind.”

Master of the House is a completed fantasy fiction manuscript of approximately 250 thousand words (470 standard type pages). The story is set in an atypical fantasy realm where mankind has been relegated to holding up in massive walled City States to safeguard itself against hordes of roaming monsters. In this world, old races such as elves and dwarfs have been wiped away and mankind has only the most rudimentary knowledge of magic.  The massive cities humanity has taken refuge in have become pressure cookers of intrigue and danger where only the most cunning make their way in the world.

Julian, Face, Katrina, and Hawthorne are everyday people who are faced with a growing moral dilemma in their role as minor bosses of the underworld. They are increasingly caught up in a torrent of dark and sinister forces from days long since passed. Only the appearance of the clever but completely unbalanced Dori keeps them from falling prey to their own demons. When they come to terms with the fact that no side of this conflict is guilt free they must resolve to join up with the one man in Seaside who may be dangerous enough to ensure the survival of the city.  Ultimately, they discover that the living incarnation of a Deadly Sin walks the earth and is plotting to unravel the very nature of human existence. 

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Status Update: The Next Book, Series Titles, and Distribution

House of Cards has been out for nearly 10 months now and has brought a number of questions my way about when the next book will be available and what direction it will take.

House of Cards wraps up the Legacy of Shadow series in terms of this story and world by laying the groundwork for the events to come.  Despite all the chaos and struggle in both Master of the House and House of Cards, these books are the calm before the storm that Dori has warned of since their beginning.

For those following the books or in a less likely instance, following this blog, what I have coming in terms of a continuation of this story and world will really open up the mystery and mythology of these people and places.  Envy will begin taking direct action, new heroes will rise up to meet her, and the legacy of a past lost in shadows will be dragged into the light.

The next series going forward will be titled, “The Shadow of the Herald” and the tentative title for the next book will be, “The Second War of Sin”.  Familiar faces like Dori and Julian will make brief appearances and characters who played a hand in the previous books like Vavian and Sarai will have more of their past revealed.  A dangerous female protagonist and her companion, a fallen Templar from Britannia will confront Envy on her own terms with a combination of strength and cunning that the old sin may not be prepared for.

Readers will begin to see more of the King’s Realm beyond Seaside, learning of the rigid class structure in the great City State of Britannia as well as the wild and frigid landscape of Keldj where not even the undead can tread the wilderness.

I am very excited to bring this next book forward.  It is currently in editing and following that I will begin sending out queries for publication.  With this next novel being a clean break from the last, I plan to try for a more traditional publication route.  The most common question I had on the previous two books was about paper copies.  I’ve heard the requests and for those interested, it’s my #1 issue this time around.

I hope to start updating the site with some relevant content to the next book in the coming weeks.  I look forward to any feedback or comments you might have.

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