Characters in Master of the House

Characters from Master of the House are detailed in this section.

The bios for the characters vary in their structure.  Some are strictly concerned with reference material about the character, others go into my thought process in their creation, implementation, and evolution.

  • Julian CropJulian – The unlikely gang leader who has got far more than he bargained for by agreeing to take control over one of Seaside‘s notorious outlaw territories.
  • FaceFace – Julian’s best friend, a man of few words who has a reputation for a short temper and a iron jaw.
  • KatrinaKatrina – A Paladin from New Raj living in exile within Seaside.  Her legendary skills are blunted only by her addiction to whiskey.
  • HawthorneHawthorne – A Rifleman from Britania who befriended Katrina as the pair went into hiding in Seaside.  His rifle’s sights are set squarely on profit.
  • DoriDori – A mysterious girl who reveals to Julian that all is not as it seems in Seaside.  Somewhere in her insane ramblings is a clue to the fate of Seaside.
  • Abiel – A dangerous and unpredictable chemist, he may have information on one of the most sinister crimes ever committed in Seaside.
  • Turnbill – Mysterious underworld boss and the only man in Seaside who knows the truth behind the gang war.

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