Riven Turnbill

Riven Turnbill is the most dangerous man in Seaside.

Nothing escapes his notice.  His informants are everywhere.  Everyone owes him a favor and those that do not certainly owe him money in place of favor.  He is a man comfortably wrapped up in his own mystery who works from the shadows to move the world according to his will.  Those that choose to stand against him, choose to stand alone.  Those that confront him directly are dealt with dramatically.

The rumors of his abilities are not aggrandized.  Turnbill is every bit the boogie-man that the people of Seaside think him to be.

Turnbill came to power in a wash of blood and terror.  His introduction to the black markets of Seaside’s Valley was so brutal and so complete that the sitting gang leaders at the time had no choice but to submit to his will.  Never before had someone entered into the closed politics of the Valley with such striking success.  The fruit of his sinister labor was cultivated not only by his own skill but with the cooperation of two very dangerous associates.

Where Turnbill goes, the dread killer known only as Skylar follows.  Those that would seek to injure or remove Turnbill must first make it past the thin unassuming man who stands at Turnbill’s left.  Skylar is Turnbill’s oldest, if not his only friend.  There are rumors that his training came at the hands of one of Britania‘s Templars or perhaps from New Raj‘s Paladins, though no one aside from Skylar himself is sure of this.  Those that must be killed or removed are dealt with via Skylar’s sword.  As the saying goes, never mistake the blade for the hand.  It is by Turnbill’s command and nothing else that Skylar takes action.

Skylar may be the public face for Turnbill’s brutality but there is a darker and more dangerous threat in his possession.  Rumors surround Turnbill that claim he employs a witch.  These rumors claim that this witch lives in his shadow and that Turnbill is never alone.  These rumors are true.  Riven Turnbill is one of a few select humans in the world who share lineage with a lost race of elves.  They are known as Old Kin.  Many Old Kin never know of their importance to the world’s continued survival but Riven Turnbill is a man of means and a man of guile.  When confronted with this knowledge and the secretive guardian who was supposed to watch over him for all his days, Turnbill grasped the opportunity of a supernatural Guardian and never looked back.  His Guardian’s name in the language of the Elves of Deep Shadow is LeRozalinle.  She has sworn her life to Turnbill and he in return has made extensive and sinister use of her powers, not that she minds him doing so what so ever.  In fact, his dedication, drive, and willingness to do what is necessary have only endeared him to her all the more.

Turnbill knows that something terrible is happening in Seaside.  He has the money, power, and illegitimate authority to influence the course of history for better or for worse in Seaside.  The decision to either play the hero or to become the scourge of a great City State is fast approaching and not even Turnbill himself knows what direction he will move.

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