The Author

I never really thought I was the creative type.

If I had been paying better attention, I might have realized it early on in college when drinking coffee and my five nights a week martial arts training became more important than any subject I was studying at the time.

Oddly enough, my first attempts at storytelling were the result of dice & paper role playing games. (I’d just outright say DnD, but that wasn’t really the case…)  We had a group of regular gamers and it slowly became obvious that the sessions only stayed together when I was running them.  Ego aside, I started hearing friends of those people who gamed with us talking about our roleplay sessions with intrigue.  That was my first clue that perhaps the stories I was spinning weren’t complete crap.

So, I challenged myself to start writing things down, to remember details that would have otherwise escaped my attention.  I wanted to build stories around characters and tell tales about people that deal with their world in real ways.  I wanted to make stories that never had to account for fridge logic…I wanted to have readers saying, “There were no good choices…I don’t know if I would have done the same…” rather than just waiting for a hero to emerge.

I did not (and do not want) to fall into common fantasy tropes (though some of them I may tenderly embrace).  I agonize over whether a plan, choice of action, or reaction is believable.  This world that I am building will call out to things that readers know of but may not know about.  I like to refer to imagery or concepts, names and places that a reader may have heard of and having read my work, will go straight to Wikipedia to learn more about.  Having done so, they will begin to see the complicated ways in which the characters, themes, and concepts begin weaving together.

Pushing the keyboard aside, I drink too much coffee, which I have learned is the sign of a devoted writer.  I love dark and bizarre video games.  I have a dog named Fuuka that my wife and I named after a character from a Japanese RPG called Persona 3.  I rarely watch TV and when I do it’s usually some show I’m three years late in viewing.  I collect toys and make no apologies for being a 30 year old man-child.

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  1. Yep.. this seems to sum you up pretty well as I know you! Good luck with your writing, and I applaud you for following a passion.

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