Short Stories

Here you can find the various short pieces that have been posted to the site.  As these are posted, they will appear in the main page of the site and can be found easily enough through tags.  All the same, as the site grows it may be easier to read the synopsis here and find what catches your interest.  Some of these may retain aspects of prior drafts that have since been altered.  For example, Delusion in its current form includes Vavian who will likely not appear in the final draft.
  • History Lesson – Dell and Jacki look back on past history and tell the tale of how Sarai comes to power as Britania‘s Governess.
  • Compromising Situations – Envy breaks the will of one of the few mortals who could stand up to her growing power.  Her victory becomes all but assured at this point.
  • Delusion – Eric, Laylani, and Dempsey attempt to save Lillian from her past sins.
  • Of Things to ComeEric meets with Dori and Julian and the pair delivers an ominous warning about his choices to come.
  • MotivationDempsey is greeted with sour news and some unwanted new friends.  He happily agrees to their brazen requests.
  • Absinthe Fueled GeniusDori and Julian pay a visit to a brilliant yet despondent young engineer who may just hold the key to life itself…
  • The Trial of Rearden Black Part 1 – Rearden Black is called into question over his work on the Life Crux, a device that brings machines to life.
  • The Trial of Rearden Black Part 2 – Rearden has to question how this trial has come about in light of frightening power the young engineer Jayden displays.

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