The King’s Realm

The world in which the Legacy of Shadow takes place is referred to as The King’s Realm.

It consists of the five Great City-States…

  • Britania – Home of The Guild and central seat of power in The King’s Realm
  • New Raj – Home of The Church and the only true standing army in The King’s Realm
  • Keldj – A frigid land with an entire city in a hollowed out mountain
  • Lux – The Clockwork Nation, a steam-driven technological wonder, rival to Britania
  • Seaside – Sea-faring nation, land of free-men, only city open to the natural world

The legendary lost city…

  • Shambles – The site of the grand bargain.  The site where the fate of all living things was caught in the balance.  The place where every man, woman, and child gave their lives to protect a small group of heroes granting mankind the time needed to prepare for the second War of Sin.

Unbeknownst to most of humanity, one other civilization exists on the edges of their perception, always watching, quietly waiting for the day they will return.  This civilization is that of the Elves of Deep Shadow.  They are the last of the old races.  Elves and Dwarfs once shared dominion over the world with humanity but since the Cataclysm, those races have been extinguished.  Only the Elves of Deep Shadow survived the ruin and they are the last testament to a world once rooted in mysticism.

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