Britania – Heart of the Civilized World

There is no man, woman, or child who does not owe at least some small thanks for his or her continued existence to the bastion of strength and wisdom that is the Great City State of Britania.

Seated at the heart of the King’s Realm where the Central River meets the Dead River, it was only due to the crafty guidance of the Realm’s first King (Jerimiah Britania, the Tyrant King) that humanity was able to organize under one banner.  For a thousand years the survival plan set forth by the Tyrant King allowed humanity to marshal its resources and survive the War of Sin.  Those days are long since past though and Britania is now on the verge of change.

Britania is by far the largest of the five City States.  It is also the one City State that has pursued a course of aggressive expansion over the years.  Expansion of its territory is a dangerous and costly process but the initiatives set forth over the years have secured avenues of trade, mastered the surrounding waters, and allowed a rate of population growth unheard of in any other City State.

Britania is a master of siege warfare and defensive strategy.  The government has long supported its Department of Peace and the warriors that department produces known as Templars.  These warriors are raised as heroes and celebrated as champions.  They are expected to fight and defend the work-forces that construct the massive public expansion projects outside the city walls.  Every ten years Britania moves on its expansion projects and the fruits of this are evident as the people of this city are some of the most prosperous  and happy people in the realm.

Such contentment comes at a price though and many now fear that the price is becoming too high.  The Central Government in Britania rules with an iron fist.  The monarchy as an aspect of government has long since been abolished and in its place sits the Governor and his Parliament.  The Parliament is an elected body with control over all financial matters.  The Governor is appointed by a collective vote of the Parliament and The Guild.

While the Central Government is the public face of power in Britania, it only moves so far as the Guild permits.  Britania’s Guild is a collective of magi, those with control over elemental magic.  These magi know that the civilized world around them is held together only by the grace of their skill and they never fail to remind the Central Government of this. For these reasons, The Governor, a man with more power than any other in The King’s Realm, is almost always someone who has the favor of the Guild.

For two hundred years, the Wellington family has sat in the seat of power at the Governor’s desk.  This long reign reeks of monarchy to the citizenry and puts fear into those who serve on the Parliament.  Only the most recent governor, Virgil Wellington, has shown the fortitude necessary to take control of the power due to him.  Despite a longstanding tradition of following Guild mandates, this governor has taken matters into his own hands creating enemies on all sides of Britania’s politics.

In the Heart of the Civilized World, something terrible has grown.  The Guild’s power grows by the day.  The Parliament continues to implement harsh restrictions in support of Guild policy.  The citizens move closer and closer to violence and the Governor has shown little interest in reconciling with any side in the growing internal conflict.

Once long ago when the world was faced with its own demise it was by the efforts of Britania’s Tyrant King that humanity was spared.  There are those who see parallels between then and now and there are some who see the ghost of the Tyrant King in Governor Virgil.

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