New Raj – The Shining City

Life in New Raj is dominated by one thing:  The Church.  From poetry to politics to the military, The Church is the final voice on all matters within New Raj.  The Shining City is unique among the other City States in that it has no official head of state.  They are also unique in that among the other City States, they are the only one to still recognize Britania as the final authority of the King’s Realm.  Whereas Keldj is unconcerned with such matters, Seaside recognizes but ignores, and Lux openly opposes it; New Raj willingly subjugates itself to Britania’s rule.

The reason for this dates back to the original War of Sin and the plans of the Tyrant King to unite the land.  The details of the treaty are known only to the Council of Bishops and the Glorious Holy Order of Paladins.  Not even the Central Government of Britania has a record of the specifics which brought New Raj under their rule.

New Raj is the City State that shares more in common with Britania than any other.  The reasons for this stem back to that ancient agreement.  Communication between the two City States has always been open and the free flow of ideas, technology, and military strategy benefits both great cities.  The two cities are essentially different sides of the same coin.  Britania’s secular policies are in contrast to the more religious ideology that drives New Raj but both governments have a symbiotic relationship that manages to side step the traditional difficulties that such a contrast would cause.

Because of the unique relationship with Britania and in large part due to the lack of a singular head of state, New Raj has been a surprising bastion of tolerance.  Participation in the state sponsored religion is not mandatory.  The citizens are taught that tolerance and understanding are virtues of the first order.  Personal freedom and liberty are defined broadly to the surprise of visitors.  The Church puts forth a simple policy of forgiveness and understanding that has served to unite a people more firmly than any other public policy in the King’s Realm.  The cost of such progress is an air of arrogance throughout the land.  The people are proud and are often times unable to relate to those of the other City States.  This arrogance has flourished within New Raj in the form of one of the most firm and expansive caste systems in the King’s Realm.  The caste system is the social check and balance that prevents this seeming utopia from teetering too far to one side of politics or another.

Many voices contribute to the policies of The Church and the dedicated warriors of New Raj are by all accounts public heroes.  Policy is created by majority vote in The Church with the Council of Bishops making up half of the electorate and the Glorious Holy Order of Paladins making up the other half.  (In the instances of a split electorate, the final vote on all matters is cast by the Governor of Britania as the King’s appointed representative.)  Paladins are chosen at a young age and are taken away for training.  Within the Caste system, it is the number of Paladins a family has within its lineage that fuels its power and prestige.

New Raj has kept itself on a steady course for hundreds of years.  In recent times, the return of a Paladin in exile has brought the Council of Bishops and the Holy Order news that they have long dreaded.  The appointed time is at hand.  The world as they know it will soon come to an end.  When that time comes, the people of New Raj will remain steadfast and strong, ready to be an example for the rest of the world to follow in the trying times to come.

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