Lux – The Clockwork Nation

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Lux is what I envision to be the most isolated City State in the King’s Realm.  Not only is it geographically isolated from the others, but it is apart from the rest of the world in terms of culture and technology as well.

Lux, like Seaside, has a natural border in the form of the massive plateau it sits on the edge of.  Apart from Mount Keldj, it is the highest point in the land.  What sets Lux apart from all other City States is its complete devotion to the technological arts.  Lux is a steam driven city.  The very buildings breath and move.  Art is viewed in terms of its application to technology.  The people think in gears, cogs, and boilers.

The original technology that gave birth to flight by ‘Copter originated in Lux.  (It was later stolen and propagated by agents of Britania‘s Guild.)  This legendary crime resulted in Lux keeping a great many of their wonders to themselves.  While the people of this City State are encouraged to share their work openly with others in Lux, interaction with outsiders in such matters is strictly frowned upon.  To this end and in part due to their location, Lux limits most of its interaction with the world by filtering movement through Seaside.  It is a curious dynamic but one that ensures that agents of the Britanian Guild have a difficult time entering into Lux.

While the Britanian Guild is well known to be the authoritative source for information and all practices regarding magic, it is far less known that Lux has maintained their own version of the Guild.  The Society of Engineers is more than the arbiter of industry in Lux.  It is a clandestine organization founded at the moment of Lux’s independence by the daring and dangerous first Governor Cecelia.

The Society of Engineers is no where near as accomplished in terms of magical skill when compared to the Guild, however they hold two key advantages over their rivals.  First, the Society has a keen understanding of how to convert magic energy into mechanical motion.  Though they would never reveal it, may of their devices that seemingly have no localized power source are fueled by trace amounts of magic.  Second, the Society never recognized the Guild declaration that forbid the practicing of Earth-based magics.  Understanding the dangers associated with these practices the Society has gained an understanding of the forbidden element and further more has been able to harness a fifth element that they recognize as “Potential”.

Most insidious of all is the work of the Automatic Engineers.  This group of elite engineers has developed a tool known as a “Life Crux”.  In their own inner circles this tool has another name “Pandora’s Crux”.  It is a simple machine developed by a Luxian spy and a pair of dissidents from Britania.  The Life Crux creates a stable platform for the four elements to intermingle and the result of this mingling is the creation of life itself.

Every year there are more and more Automations walking freely throughout Lux and it is becoming harder and harder to tell which of these Automations has been endowed with that intangible element of life…

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