Short Story Friday: The Trial of Rearden Black Part 2

Today’s short story is a direct continuation of last week’s story.  All of this takes place in a city called Lux and will begin to lay the groundwork for what I intend to be the third story overall in the Legacy of Shadow series.

The Trial of Rearden Black Part 2

The magi who accompanied Jayden moved into their places. Thomas Frasier took the spot of the water mage, his wife Jennifer took the spot of the fire mage, and the yet unnamed apprentice took the place of the wind mage. As was the custom, the position of an earth mage remained vacant. Instead, a vessel containing the cleanest soil and salt possible was in its place.

Rearden took a hard gaze at Jayden but did not voice any objections to the continued contest. Something interesting was at play here and curiosity was overriding his desire for an assured victory. Just as the council president prepared to stop Jayden from attempting activation of the now lifeless automation, Rearden held up a hand to pause him.

“If I am to win, I will win outright. There will be no question of it. Allow Mr. Dagny the time he needs. I do not want any lingering questions if I am to be Headmaster of this honored organization.”

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Short Story Friday: The Trial of Rearden Black Part 1

Today’s short story takes place in Lux.  It is actually an extension of a previous Short Story Friday reading titled Absinthe Fueled Genius.  If you’re just checking in now, take a look at that one first for a little more context, though not really necessary.

This story is about the rise of one genius and the fall of another.  It sets up the central conflict for my third book.  Lux is a place where magic and science have blended into one fantastic and dangerous combination.  What this means for its citizens and for what this world defines as life will have further reaching implications as the story moves forward.

Thanks for reading and as always, comments, criticism, and compliments are always welcome but not necessarily in that order.  ^_^

The Trial of Rearden Black Part 1

Rearden Black was furious.

The stately gentleman and lynchpin of industry in Lux was shaking. His cane rattled against the old wooden floor of the sitting room. He and his magi had been summoned to the council chambers of the Society of New Engineers only one day prior to his ascension to Headmaster of the entire organization.

When the courier arrived at his estate this morning, Rearden had greeted the man warmly in expectation that further good news was at hand. When the young man from the Society sullenly shook his head that the implications of his summons were far more serious, Rearden Black’s countenance darkened. He was being recalled and his newly acquired position was being called into question.

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